Core Issues 

In this research by design we investigate the future potentials in the development and practice of high rise design in the Netherlands and Rotterdam in particular.

Recent developments in Dutch high-rise have shown an increasing uniformity in the models and premises with which we approach high rise design. 
The subsequent critique of these buildings being anonymous, uniform and absensce of parochial and collective space as well as a general lack of spatial quality has led to an increasingly polarized architectural and societal debate on whether we should continue building high rises in our cities. 

We understand many of the valid critiques of high rises currently built but are also critical on the premise that these design flaws are inherently part of the tower typology. In our investigation we aim for a typological research by design through 5 experimental designs on 5 real locations in Rotterdam. 

With our investigation we aim to identify the restrictions (regulatory, urban planning) that prevent the typology of the tower to reach its full potential in the Dutch context. Drawing in international knowledge and case studies from countries and cities where high rise development has a longer technical but also cultural tradtion.