Along Faultlines 

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Het Nieuwe Instituut


Along Faultlines is a project for the open call of 2018 Prix de Rome for a land art center in two shrinking villages in east Groningen, Ganzedijk en Hongerige Wolf. The paths connecting the elements of the land art center cross the private agricultural landscape opening it up to be experienced by residents and visitors. The main element of the park will be a concrete square giving form to almost invisible damage the region and its communities are suffering by the earthquakes due to gas extraction. The square will crack and break with each quake forming a physical document of the damage done in the region.


Both Ganzedijk and Hongerige Wolf are shrinking communities - by bundling functions such as care, sports, education in one place there is a possiblity to keep public functions viable in shrinking villages. The community and visitor center is constructed as a bridge accross the small canal. The building is a semi closed square - framing a central void sheltered from the winds across the flat lands where the water can be accessed and residents and visitors can meet.