Type:  commission
De Nijs/DID ontwikkeling
ZUS, Studio Ninedots, SITE urban development,  MEESVisser, Bureau Fraai, Studio Nauta
residential, yoga school, coworking space
15500 BVO, 125 dwellings
Jelmer Amory, Moon Brader
City forest

Close to Diemen metrostation on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Amsterdam an "unused" piece of land is set to be transformed into a new housing area. Instead of erasing the forest like environment that is already there the team proposed to preserve it in the development as the "boskamer" - a central chamber of green and water.

Diverse outlooks

In this masterplan C-A-S was invited to design 11 housing blocks with from 2 to 35 dwellings each.
The wish of the municipality was for them to all be different. While economically the desire of the contractor was of course a certain degree of repetition. The challenge of this type of assigment is often the creation of real difference in spatial experience beyond a "facade job" of colors and materials.
We worked out 11 different designs each block having its own circulation and housing type but all in the same 5.4m structural grid. Based on the orientation and nature of the dwellings we designed 11 different relationships between inside and outside. Adjusting the the size, height and nature of openings, using different peripets heights, widths of windowsills and loggia’s to create richness and depth in the experience of different blocks inside and out.