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As we move through buildings and cities over the course of our lives a unique labyrinth is formed in our heads by memories of the homes, offices, streets, squares and spaces we inhabit. A continuous scenography affecting our moods, interactions and the course of events. We are fascinated by all the ways in which space plays a key role in the experience and formation of both our individual and collective lives.

With our projects we aim to improve everyday experiences of space and strengthen the relations between people and their surroundings. Valueing the found cultural and physical context on site.

We believe in the power of collective thinking on our projects and collaborate closely with clients, users, cities, experts and passers-by to develop spatial scenarios that contribute to lively communities.

We combine our project based work with an independent research agenda and teaching. The research informs our practice and vice-versa. Creating parallels and relating projects to their larger context.  

-C-A-S- works on a wide range of projects through commissions, competitions and self-initiated alliances. 

-C-A-S- was founded in 2018 by
Carolien Schippers